Jul 24, 2008

Catching up..

Finally got my act together and it's time for a brief update!

Jonathan-R&B singer. Funny, Guy did this shoot a month ago and just realized he doesn't know Jon's last name!

Blvd Benny-Rapper in ya h00d!.

DON'T even ask Guy, he doesn't know any better than you!

Shooting engagement for the first time-John and Sunedyis Bernabe.


No kidding...the shoot lasted 5 hours, which the couple was thinking to spend 2 originally!

More business Pros-Margo Rossi of BenefitMall. My heart goes out to her, her uncle passed away a couple of days before the shoot; the funeral held the day before the shoot, she didn't sleep at all that night.

Craig Solane-psychotherapist, anyone need one? He's an addiction specialist.

Oh lookie, who's that?

Congrats, you just attended NJIT's 2008 Graduation Ceremony, minus all the ZZZ parts!

With all due respect, President Altenkirch, I...ZZZZZZZZZZZ

NJIT/Rutgers (Newark) inter-school musical-Urinetown

Oh Bobby! Ya ma Hero!! (Yea right..)